Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Esperanza is back in full force

Well... seems like I took a little break huh! All work and no play made Sharon a dull girl actually, so play got the overhand for a while... it was summer after all!

Slowly, as autumn approached, I felt the energy coming back and was eager to get back to work again.
So for starters: a new collection of Esperanza kapok cushions. As usual made with a selection of 'old' fabrics: from the finest overstock shops aswell as a whole bunch of 'leftovers' I got from a good friend!

Don't know when lunch will be ready though, so spare with me ;-)

Hope you like them!

And the living was easy

Summer time slow time...
However, besides a lot of festivals, some work got done as well.

I made a 'one off' cardigan for my little birthday girl:

... tailor made trousers

... and upholstered beach chairs, a nice & new experience!

Friday, 6 July 2012

a lot of process, not that much product

It seems that in summer I don't quite get things done that quickly as I want to ;-)
Eventhough it felt as I was in the clouds constantly (this heat is killing my creativity!), I somehow managed to finish off some projects or start some new ones up:
A lot of drawing lately for a new project (pictures will follow soon - I h o p e)
Finishing off orders
Making new Yes You Cans
Finding new inspiration (mostly at unexpected places)
Making prototypes for a new stage collection for Sarah Ferri, a Belgian singer
Repairing friends' clothing & making belated and on-time birthdaygifts

My thoughts are still with Sandra, a dear woman who passed away way too early.
This text was on her prayer card, it resembles her & my feelings a lot:

Happiness is a journey
not a destination
Work like you don't need money
Love like you've never been hurt
And dance like no one's looking.

Thursday, 24 May 2012

I know what I did last may

A little bit of everything actually!
finding inspiration *1*2*
hunting & collecting 'new' 2nd hand material *6*
cleaning & reorganizing in my head & in the house *4*7*
volunteering for the annual school party *8*
gardening & Cooking *3*9*
finishing off some of the La Conquista orders *5*10*11*12*13*14*
and setting up a Facebook 'brand'page!
...amongst others :-)

Longing for a clean slate... in June I will start some new projects!

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

a little pimpin' on the side

The organisers of de Invasie asked me to cooperate in a pimp-project for a competition Beresterk did on de Invasie van Gent.
I could either choose between a product of Eskimo or Herschel.
Herschel seemed to me more of a challenge and so came the day that this package arrived:
It took me a week to finish the pimping...

and this is the result!

Visitors of de Invasie van Gent could vote for their favourite pimped product (we were 4) and then 4 people got selected and won our products!
Apparantly my bag was clearly the favourite, so I was very happy with the pat on the back :-)
Good luck Lynn T. with your new backpack!

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

La Conquista

La Conquista stands for a small assembly of jute products / accessories aswell as a capsule collection of women's clothes, inspired by islamic graphics, architecture and my overall love for Spain.

A year ago, Koffiekàn, an ethical & sustainable coffee-roasting factory, gave me the opportunity to use their old coffeebags for making new products. As a strong believer in promoting recycling & upcycling, this new challenge was -again- right up my alley!

Every product I made is limited, since all the materials (lining / wool & sewing thread for embroidery / buckles /...) are either second-hand, designer-overstock, inherited or leftovers.
In case you're interested in one of the products, do not hesitate to contact me!

This is only the beginning, I fell in love with the material... a whole new world opened up for me; so you can expect more jute products in the future!

* April 20th 15:00 - 21:00 home-expo @Tarbot35 - contact me for an invitation! *

Paloma basket - an Ode to Spain

Jute: Koffiekán - Lining: overstock / present / final series - Wool: inheritance Taant

Franka belt - an Ode to my Heroine

Jute: Koffiekán - Sewing thread: inheritance Antoinette & Taant
Lining: overstock / present / final series - Buckles: flea market / inheritance Antoinette & Taant

Carmen wallet - an Ode to a mentor

Jute: Koffiekán - Sewing thread: inheritance Antoinette & Taant
Lining: overstock / present / final series - Zippers: new - Binding ribbon: flea market

Juta tote bag - an Ode to Jute (Sanskrit for pigtail)

Jute: Koffiekán - Lining: final series - Sewing thread: inheritance Antoinette & Taant
Straps: leftovers - Leather: present - Wool: inheritance Taant & leftovers
Rings: new

Sharon Slingeneyer carpet

Jute: Koffiekán - Embroidery wool: inheritance Taant
A collaboration with Take A Seat

Conquista folding screen

Jute: Koffiekán - folding screen: new & pimped :-)

Let there be light lampshade

Jute: Koffiekán - lamp: property of friends, thank you Pieter & Eva for letting me use yours!

Erika poncho shawl - an Ode to Almuñecar

Fabric: overstock - Sewing thread: inheritance Antoinette & Taant

Carlina blouse - an Ode to mum & a mentor

Fabric: overstock / final series  - Sewing thread: flea market / inheritance Antoinette & Taant

Reyes skirt - an Ode to queens & One queen in particular

Fabric: final series / vintage - Lining: final series -
Sewing thread: inheritance Antoinette & Taant - Zippers & elastic: new

40°03'09.98" Tee - an Ode to Menorca

Fabric: final series / overstock - Sewing thread: new
Ribbon: flea market

Sofía hairband - an Ode to the Spanish Queen

Fabric: present / overstock - Sewing thread & elastic: inheritance Antoinette & Taant

Maria Luísa bracelet

Jute: Koffiekán - leather: recycled
A collaboration with Marlies Davans